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Sraco Argonian

Sraco Argonian / Male

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Sraco The Argonian World upcoming update

😃 Well the Sraco The Argonian World : The lost Book Of Marrowind it was amazing project at lis want out a bang 💥 every one likes it 😊 so for the next project the part two of the lost book of Marrowind its all ready being planned out 🚧🏗 I this have to see how this going to work out 🤔 📽 this by think…

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About Posting Of Sraco

I am new on weasyl 😊 it's going to be great I try to post more of my character this have to be patients I got a allot to do even on my devnt art page of course my art station page lol busy busy lizard guy editing videos it's other thing i do its my specialty put allot into it 😄 even for my characte…