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Adi / Rik(Rika) / Female-Straight-not looking for relationship / East coast best coast

"Well sh*t"
Commissions: Open
Trades: Closed
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Commission openings

all commissions are open, prices are the same as what was on my FA I am open for: abyss drake creation commissions 220$+ small close-up scene commissions(2 chars) (any furry races) 240$+ closeup scenes 1 char (180$) icon commissions (28$) horizontal comic spreads (1 sheet)350$ (1 main scene and 2 s…

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page updated to 2019

Just letting you know, for the most part I've posted my 2018 art here. If it's not up yet, it'll be up by mid-week as I have them scheduled for post. Reason I havent done it sooner is it's a massive pain in the dick and I don't have enough free time to waste on this sort of thing, but it's importan…

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It go

Just wanted to give a 'hey' to you guys on weasyl who have followed me or faved my stuff. Long story short, I will be hangin' around here slightly, I'm not that social really (too many creeps obsessing over who I am, where I am, etc) and I'm honestly tired of toxic furries--so on that note, I don't…

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Thanks for watching me here

But I am 200% more active on FA And unless FA explodes in a fire, I dont see myself ever fully integrating to weasyl.

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Follow me on tumblr! I post nearly all of my art on tumblr! it's convenient and easier than cross posting to 3+ different furry sites!

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weasyl submission ratings are balls

I dont understand why breasts is considered 18+ most graphic novels (manga) which depict females topless are rated 13+, and by that definition i pretty much see it the same as a shirtless man. given the context of the image isnt something like a chick with massive tits that are dripping in cum or s…

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irl issues

managed to pull myself to my desk and do one little commission and edit the adopt fox-girl for the winner, as far as energy goes im fully depleted i hate to trouble my commissioners who are waiting patiently, there are only two of you so i hope you dont mind too much ive got most of corvis's auctio…

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Removing submissions

Pretty much a nuisance when watching other users, I cant remove the recent uploads on the same page. I have to be directed to a NEW page, to then select and remove them. thats pretty annoying, not gunna lie. e_e A lot of little things like this can be done using only 1 page, there's really no need…

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*Waves* Hello Weasyl!

As some of you may know, I am the fairly popular artist Adiago on FA. I thought I'd have my Weasyl account be from a different namesake than my usual, and I think I'll enjoy it here! Hopefully this site takes off and does well :) I look forward to meeting all of you, so see you around I suppose!