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SonaArtist / 22 / Gender Queer / Arizona

Don't judge me Q^Q
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Halloween Commissions

Ok so im doing some commissions on DA Obviously for points I dont think my stuff is worth enough for money, maybe in the future when i get better but anyways here is the link if you would like to check it out http://sonaartist.deviantart.com/journal/Halloween-commissions-566018337

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Month art meme

So this is how its gonna work, for at lest me anyway. For this month, today is supposed to be the 4th day, i am currently still working on the third drawing. BUT for until November 4th, i will be doing a drawing every day. Once a day, i will put my ipod on shuffle, first song to come on, i have to…

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Ok so well im new here on Weasyl, I wanted another art site besides DeviantArt, but i will of course still be my most active on there but i will try to be active on here as well. It might be a bit harder because school is just starting BUT im being home schooled till the Phoenix Job Corps has an op…