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Jesus, I should be more active here

Weasyl's obviously not my main place I post to, but I shouldn't neglect posting here or being active here. I'll probably upload some stuff later on today. But just for reference here's the sites I'm active on the most should anyone wanna keep up with my work or talk or stuff: FA: http://www.furaffi…

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Last week for cheap, artistic liberty commissions!

Only gonna do this through the end of January so this is the last chance to get one of these extremely discounted commissions! These are purely artistic liberty slots. While my regular commissions remain open, they will not be for the prices listed below. Toons/Chibi- $5 (extra characters- $3 each)…

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New Followers!

Hi! :D I haven't left FA, though I would like to be far more active on this site. FA happens to be the place where I get most of my commissions from so unfortunately I probably won't be abandoning that site anytime soon (I know most people would say don't worry about that and the like but unfortuna…

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Cheap Commissions (Starting at $5)!!!

...with a slight catch but I'll get to that later. But yes! Cheap commissions. For a few weeks (maybe a month) I'll be offering... Chibis/Toons at $5 Expression sheets (6 expressions) at $10 Character Illustrations (no background) at $10 Character Paintings (no background) at $25 All of them are co…

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New Account for Cosplay/Fursuit Things!

https://www.weasyl.com/profile/tokutakufurcreations It's my cosplay, fursuiting, and business account now. Illustration works, chibis, and badges will be sold here. But cosplay accessories, cosplays, fursuits, buttons, charms, and any other items will be shown and/or sold on that account. I've ment…

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I should really consider using this site more...

I know a ton of people are probably considering using Weasyl more after FA being down for a full week. And yeah...as much as I still like the site due to it being the place I pull in more commissions and having a decent amount of friends there, it's been having downtime a lot more frequently lately…