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Solitude / 36 / Male / Lancaster, CA

We are rarely proud when we are alone.
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Auctioning some comics!

So if anyone is a fan of furry comics and really I imagine you would be if you're here, I've unearthed some rare volumes, including the first appearance of Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo, one of 2000 in existence that will never, ever be reprinted because the originals were destroyed! http://www.ebay.c…

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To Whomever it might concern

The lease is up in the middle of October, and pretty much everyone in this apartment is going their separate ways. I'm still waiting to hear back from the apartments I applied for, and best case scenario I hear back from them this week for the apartment to open up on the 25th. Regardless of how it…

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Quick comic question

Kind of just putting some feelers out there but I figure I should ask people in the fandom and so I don't have to deal with the middleman, but say I was selling a high quality copy of Albedo Anthroporphics #2 (the first appearance of Miyamoto Usagi) signed by Stan Sakai, would anyone be interested…

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Streaming - Doodling

Gonna be streaming in about 45 minutes. Doodling, bit of gift art and music. Gotta get practice out of the way first, journal will stay up until stream starts and ends.

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Music help Learning this song up here, and I'm having trouble getting independence between my hands and my voice to sing, and I REALLY wanna learn this song in it's entirety. Anyone have any advice, tips, anything to help me get this down proper?

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Lousy Smarch Weather

March is a weird month for me. On the one hand, my birthday happens early on in the month. On the other hand, my insurance renewal and car registration falls on my birthday. So I'm usually in a position where I spend the day at AAA and the DMV, spending 200 dollars. Plus family is always too busy t…

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Gettin' to Know Me

What's your real name? Call me Sol. Sam if you're feeling like it's too impersonal. How tall are you? 5'9" What's your natural hair color? Black, though at any given point I seem to have every other color peppered throughout my head, I've found blonde, red, and white hairs all at once. What's your…

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Smiles and Tears

Been posting this up on my regular haunts tonight because of reasons.

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Oh god I'm getting old

I'm turning 28 in a little over a week. Time, Time what are you doing. TIME. STAHP. T_T