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Fox Mask Sale from Clockwork Creatures!

Greeetings all! Qarrezel & co. are auctioning off a fabulous fox mask over the course of this week! Its not often that Clockwork Creature Studios does this so be sure to bid as soon as possible!…

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Goodness Its Been Awhile!

Well, first of all apologies for never finishing the thoughts on my previous journal! Seems as soon as I touched back down in Vegas life just swept me away through a multitude of difficulties and only recently have I had the chance to relax and breathe! Apologies to everyone whom I've failed to kee…

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Sol's Bizarre Adventure, Part 1

Feels. Undescribably feels. I'm tearing slightly as I write this and I'm not ashamed to say it. I came into this convention with no idea what to expect or what would happen. Despite that I still had hopes and wishes. These were all met and summarily exceeded. What I experienced was nothing short of…