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[Life Update] September 2014

Hey guys! Time for another life update for those interested in what's been going on in my life! :> First of all - new job! Hooray! I'm now working at my friend's marketing and design company. My main job there at the moment is website design, but we do lots of things from logos, business cards, bro…

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[Life Update] July 2014

Hi everyone! I haven't posted a journal in a while, so I thought I would give you all an update on whats been happening in the life of Snack. First of all - conventions! Last month I had a table at Supanova Sydney, and I had a blast. My first convention I had a table at was MiDFur in 2012, but Supn…

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[Con Wrap-up] PonyCon Marebourne 2014

Hey everyone! Back home from PonyCon :> First time doing a Pony convention, and it was a bunch of fun! Bronies all seem to be really nice people~ And ponies are a bunch of fun to draw. I love their simple designs and bright colours aaaaa <3 Thanks to everyone who came by my table! I've found that B…

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[Up-coming Con] PonyCon Marebourne

Hey everyone! Woo last minute con announcement! This weekend (tomorrow) I'm going to be at PonyCon in Marebourne (Melbourne ... get it? Haha). I'm going to have buttons, bead sprites, and all new keychains! Key Feathers, Radiant Glyph and Mamath are going to be there too! If you're there drop by ou…

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[Meme] Get to know the Snack

I'm not usually a very open person online, so I something like this seems like fun! What's your real name? Pauline. But call me Snack or Snackish online please. In my inner dialog I always refer to myself as Snack even though its a really silly name! How tall are you? Oh gosh I always forget. I wou…

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[Con Wrap-up] ConFurgence 2014

Hi everyone! Back from ConFurgence with Dirtiran and RadiantGlyph! This was my second Confurgence/MiDFur and it was a bunch of fun :> Thanks to everyone that stopped over at my table and welcome to my new watches! It’s always great to meet you all in person. I saw quite a few familiar faces from la…

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[Upcoming Con] ConFurgence 2014

Hey everyone! Woo! First convention of 2014! This weekend I'm going to be heading down the Melbourne for Confurgence (previously known as MiDFur)! As usual, I'm going to be with the ever lovely Dirtiran and RadiantGlyph! And Mamath is going to be there too! Yaaay! It's her first ConFurgence so go a…

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[Signal Boost] Attn. Geeks and Gamers!

Hey everyone! First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! :> Now I'd like to share something with you all! A good friend of mine, Sirius, has an awesome web store that sell heaps of cute charms, jewellery and knick-knacks based on games, anime, t.v. shows and more. Want to show off your…

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[Con Wrap-Up] Supanova Brisbane 2013

Hey everyone, I’m back in Sydney after a big weekend at Brisnova 2013 with and RadiantGlyph. The weekend was aaaamazing! :> First of all, sales at my table went really good! It actually went a lot better than what I expected and I wish I had brought more stock. After Supanova Sydney earlier this ye…

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[Upcoming Con] Supanova Brisbane 2013

Hey guys! I'm going to be at Supanova Brisbane this weekend with my buddies and RadiantGlyph! If you're going to be there, come stop by my table and say hello! Here's the floor plan so you can find us! We're at the circled table :> I'm going to have button badges, bead sprites (I have heaps of Poke…