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Commissions open!

Hey guys! I'm opening for commissions! Follow the link for details! https://goo.gl/forms/FrrNwFkBeUTCYIFd2

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What has Smokey been up to lately?

Hello and welcome! This is just a little update to let folks know what the Smokey Bloo Durgan is up to these days. Folks on FA might find this handy since I don't really post there anymore, but this will be a cross-platform post on multiple sites, so bare with me if the wording sounds odd given the…

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October Commissions

So I've decided it might be a good idea to put together a google forms thingy for commissions. If you've read my work and like it enough to want to pay me to write something for you, follow the link below please. https://goo.gl/forms/zU0Qy7aPz2r2AUw12 I'm only taking one or two this month. And ther…

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Vote on what Smokey writes next

So, I've completed the rough draft for the second commission I took for the month of September. Not bad considering that I still have half a month left. So, that means I can work on stories just for me! ​ I've got me a list of ideas, but I'm not sure what to pick from. Some I have a rough idea outl…

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So I started taking commissions last month. I started off with just my Patreon patrons as a test bed, to see how I handled things. It went well. Commissions break down into one of two categories: Short (5-10 pages but absolutely no more than 15) $10 minimum, tips welcome 2 slots in a given calendar…

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Smokey's Space Stream Saturday!

So I did this last week and it seemed to do okay for my first real stream (and posting to the yutubs). So I'm gonna do it again this week! TOMORROW AT 6PM CENTRAL TIME Smokey will stream Kerbal Space Program Now you might be thinking, "But Smokey, isn't KSP kind of played out? What can you do to ma…

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No Turning Back - Patreon

I took the plunge and created a patreon. Go check it out. https://www.patreon.com/TreetopInn I'm terribly nervous. I really don't want to end up letting anyone down if someone starts paying me to do this kind of stuff.

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Voice Actor Work

Is there anyone in need of a voice actor? Work is becoming wholly, unsustainably shit. The client is blaming me, the other two CA's, and the receptionist for not answering phone calls when it's a failing on the part of the examiners, a few especially in particular. So they have demanded a change in…