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morgan / 29 / NC

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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Pet Portrait Commissions (OPEN)

You can view the tumblr post complete with examples here: Examples can also be found in my weasyl gallery. New Pet Portrait Commission Info! Traditional 8.5″x5.5″ Portraits: $15 Shipped These are full b…

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getting back to work! (and my 18+ account)

I'm sorry about my lack of activity the past month or so. I hadn't been sleeping so my health got worse bla blah BUT! I've been sleeping more normally this last week so I'm feeling a bit better! Hopefully I'll find the energy to do some art soon. I've wanted to draw some but just couldn't quite pul…

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twiddles thumbs

Um so wow I've been really avoiding talking about this both online and IRL but I am now back home from college. I've struggled the entire year, but when the new semester started my agoraphobia came back with a vengeance and confined me to my room in the apartment aaand I stopped all self care and e…

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Small update

I've had to make and deal with some Important Life Decisions the past week, so I really haven't had time to have much of an online presence. After things settle down I'll put up some more specific info.. I apologize I haven't completed those requests yet! Keep an eye out for them this week.

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Get to know slothbug!

What's your real name? Morgan ! How tall are you? 5'6" I take after my dad's side of the family. Short & stocky haha What's your natural hair color? honey-blonde What's your eye color? green-grey What's your orientation? panromantic asexual is the best label I can come up with ahaha Are you single,…

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Taking 5 Requests

I'd like to start to get to know the Weasyl userbase! I'll take 5 requests, most likely in this style: or similar I'd prefer to draw animal or furry characters! Thanks!

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Hi! I'm slothbug from fa/tumblr/fr and piranis from da I'm mirroring my accounts over here. I'll upload one submission a day until I'm finished