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SkunkSpunk / 25 / Male

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Felt that was enough to grab more attention Please read, actually! Anyway HELLO finally regained access to this account This account is being repurposed sooner or later, and I'd appreciate if you unwatched me, thank you! I'd do it manually if it were possible, but as far as I know, it's not. Altern…

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i wonder who has forgotten me already? anyway, i moved over to if anyone was wondering..

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nah i don't like this at all

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my three slots have been filled. one will open back up when i complete a commission! my commissions have been open for a while now, have a look over here if interested! collabs are still open as well

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collaborations, anyone?

idk man i have two art trades to do but the sketches turned out extremely shitty so i feel like letting loose and lining a bunch of other people's sketches yeah you give me a sketch and i'll line it and give it back to you i don't really have a specific limit to how many i'll take, so just keep 'em…

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seeking a fursuitor to commission

comment with prices and examples here! i am interested in buying a dog fursuit head, a normally-colored corgi. i don't really have specifics as far as style goes.. so show me anything you have to offer! toony or realistic. following or static eyes. moving or non-moving jaw. my budget is around.. 30…