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January Commissions OPEN

Holiday Sale / Dec Commissions OPEN

Custom TF sequence Commission Auction (Ends Oct 25th)

August Commissions: Soon + NOTE!

Off to AC Soon!

BLFC Time!

Commissions for May and June: Update

April Completion Commissions: OPEN

Custom TF Sequence Commission Auction

Time for ANE!

Badges for ANE and Monthly PWYW Sketches Open

Off to FC soon!

Jan Commissions / FC Badges / PWYW Sketches

December/Holiday Queue OPEN

Heading to Furpocalypse!

November commission Queue: OPEN

Commissions September CLOSED Info about Oct and onward

Commissions for August: CLOSED

Jammie Jam: More Sales!

Jammie Jam PWYW pencil sketches now live!

Jammie Jams (July 28-30) and August Commission Slots

Anthrocon hoo!

Shop back online+ New enamel pins for sale!

BLFC + June Commissions

Commissions for May completion: OPEN

April completion commissions: CLOSED

Commissions for March OPEN

Limited Feb Commission slots open 2/6

Heading to FC and ANE soon!

January Commissions CLOSED / Badge for FC and ANE Open

Janurary Commissions open 12/28 + Specials

December Commissions: FULL

Kickstarter Update / December commission slots

November Commissions: FULL

Furpocalypse / November Commissions

Commissions for October completion + Badges: CLOSED

Future YCH sequences, what do you want to see?

September Commissions Open

Iron Artist closing / September commission slots

Iron Artist 'Unique Poses' and August slots

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Anthrocon 2016!

Commissions for June/July

Badge commissions for AC/Shipped Open

Clearing a few old YCH slots

Commissions for May/June - Away for a bit

New commissions open

March Commissions / Updates

February Commissions open

Off to FC!

Commissions for Jan/Feb

Badge Preorders: FC and ANE!

Holiday Time Art Giveaway

Commissions for December queue open!

MFF? Not me personally..but artshow!


Re-Design a Character art freebies

Commissions for Oct/Nov open

Badges for Furpocalypse / Halloween!

Commission Wait List for September - OPEN

Commissions Reopening For August

Taking some sketch trades

AC Time! Who's gonna be there?

Re-opening for all types of commissions for June

Another round of digital sketches (FULL)

Heading to Morphicon as GoH!

Open for some colored sketches (FULL)

Setting up some YCHs, what do you want to see?

Commissions for January CLOSED

More Plush Skulldogs / Printed Comic Sale

Getting Ready for MFF!

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