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Skoll / 36 / Male

I'm too old for drama
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Once again sick

And here I am again, sick. I got a throat infection and this is annoying, can't tell if cold or hot, and at nights get worse, I'm hot as and can't stop rolling around trying to find a cool spot, but nothing. I need some antibiotics, need to kill this thing fast.

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After the Time's End

Just a general explanation of this Time's End. Mayans never predicted the time's end. It was some religious nutjobs believing that the world would end since their calendar only reaches the Baktun 13th, which is a time measure that lasts about 4,000 years, each Baktun comes with 20 katunes, and each…

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Accepting requests

I'm accepting requests, and etc. If there are so little to do, would be first gets if many, it'd be just a raffle. Alright.

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Guts (Berserk) vs Kirito (SAO) [RANT]

First gotta say that even though Guts goes Berserk, he when not in berserk mode, is an amazing swordman with incredible reflexes. Been in fights with more than 100 guys and won, even demons. He learns fast and act fast. His sword is giant, but he can swing it like if it was nothing, incredible fast…

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Thoughts, goals and rock 'n roll

After being in this site for a while, I've come to like it more than others. As for now, most of my art will be posted here, both anthro and human, however WIP's and concept art shall be in my tumblr, along with art posted here. I had an issue with the administration of the previous one, as they we…

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Joining in

What a good way to start a new brand way than starting off in a new site. I can see this site to truly succeed where others have failed, the interface is easier than others and among other things the speed of the site is much faster than others. I like the features, they are easy to navigate throug…