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Summer musings

Edit: The game is out! Take a look if you feel like it (and know that we're making more stuff). Hoo boy, I aced my second year of university. This year was even harder than the first, which was pretty tough by itself. Hopefully this won't be a repeating pattern. Either way, two years down, one year…

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That could have gone worse

My first year of university is done. Actually it was done around the beginning of June, I just took time off to rest. I did pretty good and passed all my courses. The most difficult thing was staying alive while also getting all the work done; the more theoretical subjects were easy enough (reading…

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What I'm up to these days

The last piece of art I posted was in January. Since then I've completed a game project (my fourth game, or third if I don't want to count that terrible one a few years back) together with other students. I was the character designer and only animator for the game, which means I made a lot of anima…

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Settling In

I've recently moved to a student flat in a town I can barely find my way around (getting better as time goes on though). The reason being that I got accepted for further studies in game graphics development! That happened a while ago and school has already started, I just never wrote about it (slow…

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The end is in sight

I'm almost done with my diploma/graduation project (whatever it is called in English)! Currently I have 2 parts left to colour (they have already been sketched and the backgrounds are done), then I'm editing the clips and putting the thing together. This animation has been leeching my time for half…

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Branching out?

For a while now I've been contemplating whether I should post my art in more places than just Weasyl. I do like this site (and no matter what I do, this will always be my primary art dump), but this isn't the greatest site for attracting attention to one's art. Normally I wouldn't mind the quiet (i…

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There's a first time for everything

So, hello there Weasyl. There's already some art up (pretty sure I started uploading over a year ago), but there's not a lot of stuff here yet. I plan to change that. I'm Chills, a game graphics student who draws, reads and plays video games most of the time. I also like studying languages and myth…