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Journal Update: About me

Names that I go by: Sketch, Sketchpadman, Red Tiger The move from FA to here has been pretty easy, I notice it's easier yet complex for submissions, I love the folders, I don't know why I didn't just come here in the first place! FA still needs to work on it's ToS otherwise I don't see me returning…

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Making Weasyl my primary!

I have decided to switch over and make Weasyl my primary art account, of course this saddens me that I am to leave FA that was pretty much the start of my art career. Anywho I will be posting a lot of my images from FA to here it may takea while but I have folders!!! Now I can place all the commiss…

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General stuff..

I am still not 100% moving here this will be a 2nd account away from FA. My FA account is http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sketchpadman/ please go there to get the latest of what I am up to.

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Moving stuff over from my FA

Getting around to being here on Weasyl a bit more often then FA checking out all the fancy stuff here. I will be posting some of my works here over from FA.