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Help on some notes for the bored or curious

Fursonacon room info

Fursonacon. anyone on here going?

A human/anthro cat fighter turns 30...

Making a Furry synth/cyborg body - who to talk to?

New problems, New fixes for moods

Help requested: mood swings data needed

Life Update stuff, and other ramblings

Birthday Today (Monday)

June Update, no $, no AnthroCon

May 2019 life update thingy

Later April Life Update. servers, commissions etc

FurTheMore! Inflatables! Roommates! Life update.

Furthemore - Going!

Late January/Early February Uptade - important!


Voice Chats?

Another Life Update Journal

Random furry related ponderings

November Life Update

Please read - Cell Phone became Cell-B_Que.

Poker/Texas Hold Em' stuff

September Life Update Journal

Life Update. Not so smooth for August

Self-Discoveries, Reconnecting – AnthroCon 2018

Anthocon, room and contact info

AnthroCon - going, who else is going?

Heading to Canada for a couple weeks!

FurTheMore 2018 - Networking,Reconnecting,Reviving

FurTheMore Meme/attending thing

Revisiting a familiar spot

Rediscovering lost memories and treasures

FurTheMore - Hotel room/Looking for Roommates!

Exciting Times

Update for October, a little late

Meets planned to go to/host for rest of the year

No turning back now

August Life Update Journal

Going to BronyCon this Saturday Only

I quit (early)...

BIG update: Life changes happening

Need some art/posting advice/help/suggestions for a friend

Role-playing urges returning. Good or bad thing?

Some circuits back online. System Restore in progress.

Critical Breakdown. Many circuits offline.

Why Albert "Gene Catlow" Was a hero to me

Albert Temple/Gene Catlow passed away. Devastated.

Life Update - February Edition

Good NYE meet, plans for 2017

So... Dating and Relationships

Life update - Found main source on depression fits

Art collection, work, depression update

Depression, work, money, events, art

Sirkain gallery update

Reunions, Yerf, BronyCon, Galleries

BronyCon this weekend. Any going?

Life update/changes - Going back to 2nd shift.

Personal Update - Battling Inner Demons

Art backlog FINALLY caught up

Art floods

Wii U get, more firearms get.

Will try to draw and stream it tonight

Roomates, house, cons, art plans

Life/picture updates

Incomming flood

Ref sheet artists chosen

Why lack of posting/presence

A life-changing event, 20 years ago (8/19/1995)

Ref Sheets - Looking to update/redo Kendalls. Who's open?

At Megaplex!

Megaplex 2015 - I'm going and info on it

Streaming this Saturday and/or Sunday?

Life update - June edition

Newer art on the way!

Question/curiositry about my characters to others

TFF, Delaware Furbowl, doodling, Furthemore, fursiut?

Question to folks - Public affection with friends

TFF - room and phone number info

Texas Furry Fiesta meme

Migration nearly complete/Art flood

MWFF stuff

Life Update stuff

Life Update stuff

Streaming questions

Getting to know me memememememememe

Plans on being active here

Contact list purging (still), InflationNation removal

Nothing to see here (yet)...