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Bust commissions CLOSED!!

!!!CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR COMMISSIONS, WILL RE-OPEN AGAIN IN MID-SEPTEMBER!!! Hello everyone, I'm not drawing/painting as often and as much as I would like and I feel like my hand is getting a bit lazy, so I would like to put it to work again. I'm opening for bust sketch commissions ONLY. Each one wi…

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Two new speedpaints are up on YouTube!

I just uploaded two new speedpaints to my YouTube channel: CLEFABLE BUIZEL I've got more speedpaints on this list! Feel free to request other Pokémon for future speedpaints :)

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Retaking Weasyl

Seeing as FurAffinity is doing its best to self-destroy, I feel like now's a good time to retake this account and start posting some art here as well. I will not post everything I've drawn since the last time I submitted art here, however I will start cross-posting my work here from now on. Thanks…