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Sidian / 42 / Female / Utah, USA

I dunno where I am...
Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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Commission ToS

Updating my commission ToS to go along with my new commission process. Terms of Service Process: You will be sent a very rough sketch for approval of the pose. You will next be sent refined lines for approval of character details. From there, I move to color and finishing. If further payment has be…

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I am open for commissions! Info: <- Commission inquiry form. Commissions Trello

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Collections and Friends

I finally figured out how collections work...I think... So if I did a commission for you and you'd like me to offer it to your collection, let me know! Also, about 'friends'. It's time for a personal opinion ramble. I feel like social media has ruined the word 'friend'. What do I consider a friend?…

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Spam! :D

There ya go! Caught my gallery here up with my FA gallery (left a couple things out, but meh). Enjoy the spam! :D

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Posting frustration..

So I was all set to sit down and start uploading art here, catching up from the last piece I posted here. But then I realized I can't really do it without FA, because all of the info relating to each piece (character name, commissioner's name, etc) is on FA. So I still have to wait for the DDOS stu…

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Oh Hai Weasyl

Keeping up with two galleries is hard, but as I'm sure just about everyone knows, FA is down! DDOS attacks for the lose. But since I want to plug this SOMEWHERE before the end of the month, and a few folks do follow me over here... I have set up a Patreon, and here it is -…

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Some stuff about here

So I'm obviously posting on Weasyl. I'm trying to keep up with cross-posting everything I post to FA over here as well, though generally there's a bit of a delay. This isn't for any reason other than that I'm a little lazy when it comes to getting art posted. I'm also not reposting EVERYTHING becau…

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So if you're watching me by this point you've undoubtedly seen the SURGE of Reindeerified submissions. If you're interested in one, I'm still open for them! $50-$55, depending on your character's colors/markings. :D These are the quality of my Speed Colors commissions, for which I usually charge $6…

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I've started posting stuff here. FA keeps going down, and while I won't be LEAVING Furaffinity, I decided it would be nice to have a presence and a following somewhere else for times like this, when FA is down and I need to keep work flowing. So forgive the flood, I will be posting some of my fave…

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What to do here...

So I really like Weasyl so far, though I'm still figuring out how to do stuff. Doesn't feel particularly user-friendly, but I'm a smart cookie, I can figure it out. ;) My real conundrum is, what do I post here? Do I mirror what I post on FA, which will probably always remain my main gallery? Or do…