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I am not a butt
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$15 badge commissions for pickup at FWA!

Hey alllll :D so funds are tight at the moment with my FWA/Florida trip coming up next month so I'd like to raise a little more to have a bit of security... so I'll be offering $15 badge commissions for pickup at FWA! (if you're not going to FWA and still want a commission then by all means I'd lov…

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Open for "Name Your Own Price" commissions

Hey guys! So I'm trying to make a bit of extra income because I have a lot I need to be saving for, so decided I'd open NYOP commissions again- I've done them a few times before and they were pretty fun! Basically the way it works is you note me and tell me your budget, like how much you want to sp…

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SUP GUYS as some of you prob know I'm also a big photography nerd on the side and Flickr gave out free Pro account upgrades for xmas so WHY NOT TAKE THIS TIME TO ORGANISE MY SHIT! So my photoshoots are all in their respective sets now if you care to take a look! :) Not rly any animal photography on…

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FC MEME!!!!!

Staying at: MARRIOTT Arrival and Departure: arriving Thursday leaving Monday Mode of transportation: PLANE!! KAW KAW Rooming with: ben hulex aerys, and leucrotta Who will I likely see you with? BUTTCHILLA AND CO MOST LIKELY also keep an eye out for Rave and I summoning satan somewhere Con Plans: GE…

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$10 Bust Commissions!

HEY GUYS! I've decided to open up some bust commissions to help earn a little extra income while searching for a job in Vancouver. :) They'll be flat coloured busts, $10 each and $5 extra for each additional character. Note me if you're interested! Paypal only. Thanks <3

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