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Embroidery test commission (1 OPEN)

Hey guys! I've been siting around bored for a while so I decided to go back to cross stitching and embroidery. I thought it would be fun to do more than flowers for once so I'm going to open some badge commissions this way! I'm only taking one for now because I'm guessing it will take a while and I…

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Sketch page test commissions

I cleared up a lot of those icon requests so I decided to try something new with a commission type. Sketch pages will be pretty much a bunch of sketches of a character. As many as I can put on a page pretty much. If you're interested, hmu through a comment or a note. We're going to start of low so…

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Chibi Requests

I need to do something So leave characters in the comments, furries, humans or feral it doesn't matter this time. I'll pick a few to speedpaint as well.

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Requests/ Art Trades (FURRIES ONLY)

For Requests: Comment below with your character. Extra points and almost perfect way of getting me to do it is if it's natural colors or galaxy themed. I might do them if they're not, but those are my favorites. For Art trades: Comment below with this filled out: Character you want me to draw: What…

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Halloween/Gore Commissions (DISCOUT)

Halloween and gore commissions in the spirit of the season! These are cheaper because they are much more fun to draw!! Waist Up: $2.00 or 200 points Fullbody: $4.00 or 400 points Chibis: $3.00 or 300 points Backgrounds add $.50 or 50 points All are shaded unless you ask for them not to be. How to g…

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Art Trades!

If you want to do one with me just say so in the comments! I only have a few icons on my to do list but I want to take a break from them and do something cool so if you have any cool characters just link them below and tell me what kind of art trade you want to do! Idc what your art looks like!

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New Art Blog

http://rigbydraws.tumblr.com/ Follow me if you're real and READY TO FIGHT