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ShindenWolf / Male / Burlington, WA

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August....Fun Fun Fun Heh (Update)

Durf well, I havent done one of these for awhile, a lot has gone on so I suppose I should catch up Its been one heck of a year, and usually August ends up being one of the busiest months for me. Pretty much the climax of airshow season, its a time of rush rush rush outdoors chasing after the planes…

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Balloonie Commissions Reopening. $25ea

Thats right, gonna finally reopen for the balloonie pictures again. Little later than I figured I would, but at a point where I think I can. I'll be doing these for $25 each, some examples following here:…

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Friday Night Sketchmission Stream Slot Signup

Yup that day again, another of wuffy's sketchmission streams! I'll likely be starting between 6-7PM EST (3-4PM PST) and going as long as I can. Not really limiting slots, just note me if you're interested! Prices: $10 Inked +$5 for extra characters +$5 for flat colors (this will be done after the s…

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Uploading Here Almost Done, Plus Stuff

So almost managed to get everything reulpoaded here, I apologize for the spamming of all yer inboxes here. Just getting caught up and setting up shop over here. Still a few more things to post, but for the most part the wave is done. Still need to get this page up and going, so hoping to make a ban…

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Sorry for the Spam!

Yup sorry for the spamming there ^^' Just getting things caught up from FA, but all done now! Sorry for flooding yer inboxes there ^^'