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Massive Upload!

Sorry! Going to be uploading a bunch of pieces. I'm really bad at uploading to this site. I always seem to forget! I'm not uploading everything! Just some of my favorite pieces :)

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I will not be accepting friend requests!!

From anyone! :P I can foresee this being awkward for me. I didn't like posting friends on FA so I don't want to it here! I love you guys though! Just letting you know why I might decline :)

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Wow you've probably seen this meme 100 times

What's your real name? ---- Morgan! How tall are you? ---- 5'6 What's your natural hair color? ---- I was born with bright blonde hair, but it started to fade to an icky color :c So now I dye it! I usually stay in a safe dark brown to black range, but right now I have some blonde bangs~ What's your…