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Connor / 23 / Male / Ohio

I believe I can achieve the world I desire. Care to join me there?
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Moving Shop! (Kinda)

Hello everybody! I'm moving to DA! Due to a recent realization that I can perhaps make some money by selling prints of the better fractals, I have posted my fractal Winter Forest over at Deviant Art under an identical username. While Weasyl will still be my main site, I am most likely going to be p…

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Hey everybody! I recently saw someone who liked my art (Liafcipe9000) had shared one of my Fractals on Reddit and Voat, to help get me more recognition (Which I thanked him for). Then I noticed I had never really specified my 'preferences' on that topic. I want to get this out of the way, before so…

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Hey everybody! So sorry I haven't been uploading much lately, I am seriously working on that. SERIOUSLY. I have a ton of new fractals to upload, I have some new Dragons/Wolves, and I am feeling PUMPED! XD (Of course, that may be because I'm loaded on sugar, but whatever :-1) Like I said, I am sorry…

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Hey everybody! It is now the christmas of 2014, almost getting to 2015 CAN I GET A HALLELUJAH? hahaha anyways I have completed my book EVOLUTION!! Currently my longest story, it has 48 pages, 22 chapters, and an epilogue. Some people might not think that's very long, but for me, it is. I will be bu…

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I have been hard at work writing a book for you guys (Evolution, catchy title, right? XD), it is now my LONGEST Unfinished book, with seventeen chapters, 28 pages, and lots of overpowered combat... and a (Single) pokemon... it's an Absol named Lethe, and she is a main character. also, she speaks En…