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YOUR CHARACTER HERE The Harem http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12566096/ Okay folks. I am now opening the bidding for the blue character seated on the throne! They can be of any species or gender. So who wants to be in charge of these 6 lovely concubines? Please see this submission http://www.furaff…

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YOUR CHARACTER HERE Harem Edition https://www.weasyl.com/submission/385046 There are 7 figures in this sketch. The first 6 that are available are those of the concubines. Once these poses/slots are filled I will run an auction for the Figure seated on the throne. Each Concubine slot is $15 They can…

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Who's new?

On a more serious note to satiate my curiosity... Who here is watching me that was NOT watching me on FA? I'm just curious who out there is new!

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Getting to know me...Getting to know all about me--MEME

What's your real name? Sarah Names you go by? I oft go by Sarc or Sarcy. Dat Ass and Badonk work too ;3 How old are you? 27? How old do you feel/act? That varies from day to day. How tall are you? 5'4" ish. What's your natural hair color? A medium to dark reddish brown. Lightens in the summer. What…

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I'd like to get some folks on my skype to talk to during my work day. Hands free voice chatting is great for motivation. It also is just in general a good thing. I've also noticed my ability to talk intelligently has gone down hill quite a bit so I need the interaction. Maybe this way I can stay on…

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On Crossposting...to leaving FA

It's very hard not to notice the mass exodus from FurAffinity. So much so that I actually looked into it a bit and got to looking around...what I found was pretty terrible. On one hand I really don't care about the private lives of those who're running FA, what they do, who they support, or whateve…

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Currently migrating a lot of old stuff over. I'll be at it for a bit. Huzzah for crossposting. x.x