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SampsonWoof / 47 / Male / Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I make art!
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2016 - I promise to keep this updated!

Hey! I just realized I hadn't done much here in a couple years. I slogged through deleting all my old art and I'm slowly adding in the new pieces I've done this year. I promise I'll keep this more up to date! As always, I tend to post more art on Twitter than anywhere else. And usually first. Go ah…

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I make stuff! It's affirming. It feels good. I love making things that didn't exist before. I love finding likeminded souls that do the same! Really enjoying Weasyl. I am constantly on the search for fun and creative folks. Let me know what you like and what you are here for. I'd love to know!

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Soooo.... Further Confusion 2014.

For starters, this is the largest con I've ever gone to. I remember spending last year doing art and glancing at the simulcast wishing I was there. So I booked a plane ticket and registered as a sponsor. And waited. 2013 zizzed by and then it was Christmas and then New Year's. Cool. Only a couple w…