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Sammy Fox / 31 / Male / City X, Canada

If there isn't any right not to be offended in the real world, why should there be one on the internet?
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu-DEDOnWB0 Such a little bundle of energy <3

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I have a confession to make

I have never watched sesame street in my life. And now I fear that if I watch it, I'll be seen as a child molester or something.

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Beer-flavoured jelly beans

http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/new-beer-flavoured-jelly-beans-clean-crisp-mildly-bready-1.2508064 That made me think of this http://40isthenew13.wordpress.com/2012/10/03/what-kind-of-sadist-invented-vomit-flavored-jelly-beans/ "Thanks for the reminder of a post I was going to write – my daughter gave…

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It's like a martian sneaked this in as a gift to us~

http://news.discovery.com/space/mystery-rock-appears-in-front-of-mars-rover-140117.htm |3 Can you imagine a time way back in the past where planets like mars and venus might actually have been habitable planets just like earth? ouo

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Go give my friend lots of follows!

My good friend ofuro has just joined the site. He's a very nice and friendly japanese artist from osaka, and he draws cute stuff <3 ようこそ、お風呂-様! nwn

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That gettoknowme quiz thingy

What's your real name? Andre but don't you dare call me that >:I! How tall are you? 5'0 :c What's your natural hair color? Dark brown What's your eye color? blue/green/orange/brown What's your orientation? Pansexual I guess. I mean, shemales man! I'm more into guys though. Are you single, taken or…

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Quick reminder

Msn messenger shuts down on March 15th. At that date, the windows live Messenger client will cease to function and you will be told to migrate to skype. The actual protocol will continue to function for skype and multiprotocol clients such as pidgin but microsoft will gradually shut down the two sy…

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BlackBerry PlayBook

Seriously, what's with everyone hating on that tablet? :c I got me one and I freaking love it. Hey, guess what this tablet can do that android and ios can't? Render websites like they'd be rendered on an actual pc! 8D it doesn't even use mobile versions of sites, it defaults to the regular versions…

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Save yourself a night longer than it should be

If you start seeing nightmares the instant you close your eyes and it jolts you back awake, don't bother trying to fall asleep. go play a PC game or something. time will pass faster.

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I make music!

yus. http://sammyfox.bandcamp.com buy my music! or listen to it, I'll be happy either way <3