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RyeRye / BloodBank / Geiger Rattums / 35 / Female / Alberta, Canada

Leucistic Cinnamon Bengal Tigress / Vampire Bat / Radioactive Rat
Commissions: Sometimes
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Sometimes
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Today is my birthday ^W^

Yep! Today I am turning another year older, cannot thank all the wonderful people who have already sent me warm fuzzy wishes <3 you guys/gals really know how to make a girl feel special when she wakes up :D Srsly guys <3 Someone I'd like to thank personally (even though she wont prolly see this) is…

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Got art of me or any of my other sona's?/chara's? Send me a Collection invite! :D ♥ Sucha neat idea, let utilize its simplicity! c:

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Commissions - Open!

PAINTING: 3$/hour + shipping (shipping will change due to where you live and how large of a rock you choose) Examples: Painting will be…