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Storenvy is OPEN!

My Storenvy is now OPEN with lots of Originals / Prints / Various Goodies for sale! http://rukis.storenvy.com/

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'Best Of' Menagerie CDs 2011-2014

I'm not sure how many people are really frequenting my profile here, but to find out, I'm posting a special offer here - Right now I'm offering 'Best Of' Menagerie CDs, which have my best work from the years 2011-2014 from the Menagerie list and the web. 130 images, all male, all adult. They're $20…

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I'm Around. . . .

Just wanted to let y'all know I'll be uploading some stuff this week, trying to catch up. I'm fond of this site, but it's tough to keep up more than one gallery for me, especially when one is so visibly inactive. Hopefully that'll be changing soon. This is a business for me, at the end of the day.…

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Menagerie 2011/2012 bundles now available!

I know a lotta folks have been asking for these for awhile, and I finally got a stock in of both CDs at the same time. Quantities are kind of limited, though, so I might have to cut off orders after a certain point. Order them soon if you want 'em, basically. The Menagerie CD bundle includes both t…