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Postponing move

So, we thought we had an apartment for a bit. However, the landlord told us to wait a few days while she looked into something regarding my fiance's criminal history. (He has none) We attempted to communicate with them every day after that looking for status updates, and then we received one reply…

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Moving to Rochester MN

It is a thing I'll be doing in, in like two weeks. Will talk more once details are settled. Meanwhile, I'll be shaking nervously every minute of every day until we actually get there and probably for a while afterward. ;;

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Life Things

So, a bit of a personal update. A few days ago, I quit my job. This was mainly due to the stress of the job that'd always been present being combined with a recent spike in the expectations they set forward and my own personal issues right now. Basically, I felt that if I continued working my perfo…

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I'm 21

That is a thing that happened, today in fact. It feels weird.

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Back From Vacation

So, a while ago I reserved the past weekend for vacation time, hoping initially that I'd be using it to go to AC. That didn't happen, due mainly to finances, but since I had the time off anyway, myself and my fiance when up to visit his parents. It went much better than I'd hoped. We'd not told his…

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My boyfriend proposed

That is a thing that happened. A few days from now we'll have been together for four years, and he popped the question last night. Apparently he'd been talking with quite a few people about it before now. We have no idea when the marriage will be or when we can even start planning properly, but it'…

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Ah, well. since I've not yet put anything on Weasyl, I've decided that I'll be doing journals here monthly. Because why not? Anywho, December is Christmas season for me, which means a few things are going on. First and foremost is Child's Play. Awesome charity run by awesome people check it out. ht…