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A Smidgen of an Update (and upcoming cons)

LORD, seems I pop by Weasyl every six months or so- a very bad habit! I'm going to be mass-uploading a bunch of art this evening, mostly critters 'n fantasy, but also a bunch of commissions completed recently for customers at MFF'16. Rehauls and proper presentation of commission prices are in the w…

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Ye Olde News (FN acct, etc)

I'm still alive, all! It's been a series of ups and downs this past year, but I've finally managed to find some direction; in a few months I'll be moving across the country and will begin to focus all of my efforts on surviving as a freelancer. In short, you'll see a lot more of me around these par…

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I'll be at MFF!

This con snuck up on me- I'll be there tomorrow and all throughout the weekend! I'll have two panels in the Art Show, and, raffle willing, I'll be in the Artist Alley at some point. Best way to contact and/or get updates will be through Twitter --> https://twitter.com/Sherowkey SEE YA THERE, NERDS!

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Here I am! [life/status update]

I've been absent for another spell- partially due to travel, but mostly due to a long bout of ennui and apathy. It's done a good job of interfering with productivity and my day-to-day life, communication with clients, friends, meeting new people, the whole lot... After several months of aimless loa…

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Icon Commissions, $15 - $35!

Hello all! I haven't officially opened for commissions in quite a while, so I'd like to start with some good ol' icons! These are graphite lines with digital color. I was experimenting and developing a visual style for these while I drew all of the examples, so you can expect the level of detail to…

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Catching Up

Hullo again, Weasyl! Life keeps grabbing me by the nape and I'm not great at maintaining an online presence. Damn near fell off of tumblr, even. I just finished up a large private commission that was hovering over me like a cloud for these past few months, so I'm looking forward to being more activ…

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Get to know Rowkey!

What's your real name? 
I'm one of the ten hundred thousand Katies in my generation How tall are you? 
5'4 What's your natural hair color? 
Light brown something What's your eye color? 
Blue with a yellow ring around the pupil! What's your orientation? 
Awesome question Are you single, taken or und…

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Hello Again!

Hello hello, Weasyl, one year later. College ruined my online presence for a good while, save for the speedy uploading of my art dump Tumblr. Now's good a time as any (...ha) to reconnect with Weasyl. I'm going upload en masse over the next few days! As far as art goes, I've been drilling myself wi…

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Hey Weasyl!

Winter break is happening! I'm no longer pulling all nighters! I can actually participate in the community here. Howsitgoin'?

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Setting Up Shop!

Eehe, yay, a new art site to investigate! The place is already looking (and functioning) very, very nicely and I can't wait to meet some new folks. Here's a couple of my other haunts in the meantime: Tumblr || Twitter || FurAffinity