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Rowan Wolfe / 29 / Maybe / Wonderland

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My life has been crazy heck. -flails viciously- So, I actually kind of love this site, I have just been reaaaallly lazy about updating here, and on Toyhouse too, even. I think I'm gonna bring my sketchbook to work and actually try to draw today.

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Here I am...

Did not mean to disappear, it just kind of happened. >__< Going to be posting some stuff over the next day or so.

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So tomorrow

I go to my friends house and I'll be house-sitting for her and her family until they come back on the 19th. She has two cats and two dogs, so this should be fun! Her mom was more or less refusing to go on vacation unless I was the one who would watch the place and the pets, because I'm the only one…

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Things have been crazy, and, long story short, I will hopefully resume posting here soon. Sorry guys! Everything has been psychotic at home right now and I've literally been going crazy.

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Sorry I Vanished!

Not that I have a lot of watchers anyways lol BUT I LOVE THE ONES I DO I HAVE I REALLY DO ANYWAYS Possible mini art dump soon :) And definitely an art dump when I get the copic colors that I need.

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$5 BADGES! Need to move!

This style. Will be an extra $2 for laminating/shipping. The laminating price at...I want to say it's OfficeMax, is like $1.50, and I can buy the envelopes, stamps, and I believe I can send letters/envelopes from there as well. (I honestly have no idea why…

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I would like to open up some slots for headshot badges like these .__. I really like doing these, so I would love to open some slots for these. I can't currently laminate, because the nearby office max recently closed and I have to find another…

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Possible Mini Art Dump

My tablet broke a couple of weeks ago, and I can't afford another one, so I've been trying my hand at my boyfriend's prismacolor art markers! :D I've been working on a Viking apron dress though, so I won't be posting until I finish the last two seams on the main part of the dress. After that, I hav…

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Design Trades!?

As i'm currently kind of sick, unable to upload or input anything into my computer, or use my tablet, I'm thinking of trading this character? I probably shouldn't link it from this site, so I'm really trusting you guys not to steal from my weebly. I had pu…

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Get to Know Me meme

Taken from Sacch (and several others lol) What's your real name? Rachel, although I do really get called Rowan a lot. How tall are you? 5'1 1/2" What's your natural hair color? Brown What's your eye color? Blue/ Gray, although I've had people tell me green, hazel, and purple. I think the light chan…

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Oh Hey!

Look at that, I finally figured out how to do journal entries on this site! :D Hi everybody! Nice to meet all of you!