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That grey furred british wolf with a robot arm.
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I Have Returned! ..sort of.

Wow! It's been over a year already, but I'm back on Weasyl! ..sort of. I've been gravitating towards DA, FA, Tumblr, and Twitter nowadays and I've been comfortable there. But I feel like I might give this web another chance for me to post things. Now that I'm able to post my usual DA, FA, fetishy,…

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Weasyl Inactivity

To all my watchers here on Weasyl... Firstly I thank you for you support here on this art site - props to you lot ;3 Secondly, I'm sorry to say I won't be active here until the next year or so. It kinda has to do with the Rating System here in Weasyl I'm not against it or anything, it's just someth…

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Merry Smissmas

Hello, you brilliant people! Merry Smissmass and a Happy New Year! I've been very busy lately with some non-art related stuff: YouTube, PlanetWolf (Music), etc. Which is sorta the reason why I've been a bit inactive. It's also because I'm more active on deviantArt. So if you haven't followed me the…

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A Bright Hello

Hi, Weasyl! First off, my name's Raphael. You may refer to me as Ralphy, Ralph, RoflCopt_R, or Rofl. Your choice. I'm a young furry digital artist, YouTuber, and song composer/writer ...Don't worry, I'm level headed. I had a peak at this website for a while, and I'm growing to like it. Still though…