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Rizzell / 37 / Male / Spokane Valley, WA

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Current Stuff

Sorry I have not been able to post anything, my tablet went to shit recently. Also, been dealing with issues I have been working on. However, I plan on posting a few things later this week, hopefully. I am buying a new laptop/tablet with my tax return. Now for Rainfurrest, I decided I will attend.…

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RIP Tablet.

My tablet has taken quite a beating over the years. From beverages being spilled on it to accidentally being stepped on. It even has fallen and hit concrete floors with minor chips. But even then, it worked wonders. However, after having it for nearly a decade, it seems that it has finally reached…

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Opinion on My Stuff

When it comes to critiquing my artwork, I really do not mind the mistakes people point out on my art. Frankly, I whole heartily welcome it; it would greatly be beneficial to be aware of what things I would need to improve. Keep in mind, I am only an amateur, but I want to get better and I want my a…