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Reynard Loustaunau / 32 / Male / Denver, CO, USA

Hai! I'm just a silly fox :3
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Have you heard of Vulpini?

So, if you haven't heard of Vulpini yet, you should have! It's a cooking show starring myself and Jax and it's awesome! If you don't know, I have a degree in food and Jax is entertaining as hell, so we make an awesome pair! You should watch the show! And as you can se…

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Hey! I'm bored! x3 I dunno about you, but I like to do about a billion things at once, like watch TV, work on cards, chat with furries, edit videos, as much as I can do at once to keep myself distracted. So! Add me on Skype so we can talk and I won't be bored! I'm also single ;3 but I'm straight, s…

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Tails and Tactics is looking for Artists!

​Hey everyone! We're looking for artists for Series 2! Think you can draw silly fuzzies being silly for Tails and Tactics? Think you've got what it takes to get your art on a card for all of time? Let us know! Send us an email at We'll talk about your art and get Series…

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Ft. Collins anyone?

Hey guys! So, over the last several years I've been slowly learning how much I hate living in AZ and how badly I wanna live almost literally anywhere else. I finally made the decision that I will be moving to Ft. Collins, CO shortly before RMFC 2015 (I'm thinking roughly a week before the con, like…

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IndieGoGo – Mission accomplished!

Hi folks! We would like to say a big THANK YOU for supporting our IndieGoGo campaign! The final amount raised was $14,501. You rock! We are now busy working on the final stages of the project: The card design is going through a final revision (to make them more stackable) based on feedback from pla…

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FC! Woo! Also, we'll be play-testing Tails and Tactics!

Hey guys! We're going to Further Confusion this weekend! If you're going too, you might see us there! We're gonna look for a time to do some public play-testing, and we'll be announcing when and where on Twitter @TailsandTactics, so, look for it! =D Cya there guys!