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"I don't care if you look like a monster, just prove to me you aren't one"
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End of Summer Classes!

So in a couple of days, I'll be down with summer classes, so I can finally go back to job hunting (sadly), have more time to upload art I owe people, and FINALLY set up the new printer/scanner so I don't have to use my college's! But let's see whose I'm working on... reyzekthunder (DA) ~ 2 colored…

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Summer Begins

Oh man, it's hot everywhere! That means summer begins, and so are my summer classes! Too bad I'm still out of a job right now, but there's some progress with my current commissions and duties in real life, so yay! Anyway, just saying I'm back from BLFC and it was a blast! Hope to do it again someda…

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Finals and BLFC!!!

So yeah, it's now May and Finals are coming up, so gotta get studying and wrapping up some projects soon! But I'll try to upload sketches and drawings whenever I can, just a little difficult without a working printer-scanner here! Oh, and I'M GOING TO BLFC 2017!!!!!!!! So if you see a random Godzil…

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Easter Shenanigans!

Just the monthly update on what's going on! Working on an art trade and cover images for stories of some characters I want to give a background for. The problem is I need to buy a new printer-scanner that's compatible with my laptop. Continuing to write stories for fun and, like I said, give a back…

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My Birthday

Oh yeah, yesterday was my birthday. But all I remembered about today was a sociology test in the morning of a monday! Anyway, thanks for the birthday wishes and greetings! I'm still a bit busy with schoolwork and other stuff, but art trades are almost done and stories are going okay so far. Beside…

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Valentine Work

Happy...late..Valentine.......whatever! Just go on a date with.....whatever you like. That being said, I'm still busy at school and life so don't expect me to be so active as before, even with requests still closed and with 4 short stories and 2 art trades currently being done right now. Just hope…

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Happy Holidays and Request Updates

Hey guys, hope you're all enjoying the holiday season with all the people (or things at least) you love! For me, I'm doing alright despite some annoying computer issues and services, but Christmas for me and everyone was great, and I got more clothing for winter (which I desperately need), the Capt…

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Hey guys, time for another monthly journal, but it's not good this time. For starters, the US Election just passed and unfortunately, Trump won..... AAARGGHLTHDNBGGGNDLDKAJKLASDFAHNKLAWPODFLKNAWLFJKLDFJGGHSAAGGH!!!! I VOTED AND HOPED THAT THINGS WERE GONNA GET A LITTLE BETTER, BUT NOPE, THIS HAPPEN…

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This is (Almost) Halloween!!!

Hey guys, time for another monthly update, and so far it's okay. It's been a month since I've returned to college, and while I'm a full-time student, I'm still working for a part-time/seasonal job and drawing every chance I get. In addition, my cousin and his family are visiting me and my family, s…

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Return to College

Hey guys, just another monthly journal update ~ college edition! I'm back in my 2nd year of college and working on my transfer to a UC, so that means my schedule had to be changed for work, which means that I quit my job due to conflicting times and distance from my college and work. Not only that,…

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End of Summer (NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!)

Well, summer's coming to an end, and there are things I thought I should post about. First off, my mother's medical emergency is over for now, since she's back at home recovering from her surgery. She still has some pain here and there, but it's much more tolerable and under control compared to whi…

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Summer Updates

Alright then, time to update a few things going on in my life ~ Summer School ~ Yes, I'm still stuck in a little summer hell called College, and if I want to get transferred to UCLA or UCSC anytime soon before it's too late, I gotta take it. But thankfully, it's only 1 class, and it won't put a big…