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Weekend Updates

'Sup guys, I'm gonna be at FandomFest in Louisville this weekend. If anyone happens to be out my way, come look for my table! Gonna have prints, buttons, keychains, magnets.. all kinds of good stuff.

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Changes, news, etc

I am the absolute worst journal-keeper in the world, but ah well. I really only post when I have something important to say, I guess! Anyway, had a really long talk with my husband, and right now we're in a place where I could actually sit down and focus on artwork full time. I've never had that ch…

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Updates- Back home

So, yeah, I think I've got most of my stuff settled and I'm back at home for the time being. Don't read this next bit if it'll just bring you down, I suppose. A few weeks ago my mom had called me to tell me that my grandfather was very, very ill. They live out of state from me so I really don't see…

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Out of Town

I'm having to take a trip out of town suddenly for personal reasons, so I'm not going to be answering comments/notes/etc very quickly. This will probably be until the rest of the week.

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Checking in-

Yeah, I'm alive. I'm still working pretty much full time right now and I haven't had much time for updates or artwork. Every time I think stuff is going to dial back and be less busy, it just goes right back to being a madhouse. I'm paying the bills and all but still, just been pretty tired in gene…

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Work and such.

Just letting people know that, no, I didn't fall off the end of the earth or get swallowed up by a black hole. I got a new job a few weeks ago and I got bumped up to full time hours for the next couple of weeks at least, so I will probably not be all that available to hang out and chat the way I ha…

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shameless plug- True Neutral Webcomic

Some really cool people are working on this webcomic over here. So if you like DnD and elves and web series then you might want to scope it out. :3

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Commissions open- feedback? [please read]

I'm opening up commission slots again. Please check out my information here. As for getting commission work itself, I want to know if there's any feedback people could offer me! People seem pretty reluctant to get work from me and I would really like to understand why. Are the prices too high? Do I…

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Eventually Alice- book theme talk and paperback!

The book is now up for purchase at Createspace. Check it out here- it's also up on iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Page Foundry, Scribd, Kobo, and all those other places that people don't buy books from because Amazon exists. :3 I felt like breaking down some of the th…

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So, I wrote a book-

So, everyone, I don't really do this often, but I really need help over here. I've been working on a project for over eight months now. I wrote a book. It's a light little contemporary fantasy piece set in Wonderland, and it focuses on a teenaged Alice and her attempt to rescue her sister from the…

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Stress. Personal crap.

Everything just seems to be piling up on me, lately. I got fired from my crappy retail job awhile back because I called in sick to take my husband to the ER. Nobody wants to hire me. I'm applying for everything. The husband is stressing out super bad over money constantly and the whole job search t…

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Some stuff and some things.

It was nice to take a trip and all, but I am really glad to be home. I'm still winding down from being in Washington, DC, and haven't quite yet gotten back to my regular schedule. I should be back to my routine soon. I am probably going to open up commissions here shortly, once I get together a gra…

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Hey, yeah, I'm here.

Wow, this is a really nice-looking website. After seeing a lot of my friends come here, I decided to look into making an account. I'm going to try to slowly build up my gallery over the next couple of days. I think I like this place already. <3