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Rehgan / Male

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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Fashion Share

Hey folks! Plotting something new, if you'd like to partake. Have any articles of clothing, accessories, or complete outfits you like? Link them below! Whether it's fun, cool, provocative, silly, or just "different", drop me some images! You can share as many as you like, but please don't leave a l…

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Moving: Sketch Commissions

Hey folks! I've got a move coming up soon (as you probably know), and I thought it'd behoove me to pad the linings of my wallet a bit for the occasion. It'll also help give me a bit of an obligation to do some art so I don't put it off because of work and/or lack of inspiration. For now, I'm only t…

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While all slots are currently taken, I realized it'd behoove me to get my Commission Info' up here as well! Just some handy-dandy details. NOTE: No Porn, No Copyrighted Characters (Case by Case Basis), No Extreme Fetishes (Case by Case Basis) SKETCH: $10 (Additional Characters +$5) SKETCH PAGE: $Va…

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Slowly Getting the Hang of Things

Continuing to upload some backlog. Maybe I should start cross-posting with new stuff, as well? I'm not sure how to tackle "365", since we're already 60+ images in, and I'd hate to upload out of sync, but also don't want to spam anyone (I'm already doing little bursts - sorry!). Hm hm hm. So far my…

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Hey everyone! Still figuring some things out with how Weasyl works and all. The Chrome application has helped a lot with bringing pieces over from FA! I hope I'm not flooding anyone already watching me; I keep hitting the "do not notify watchers" option, and I hope it does what I think it does, hah…