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Soooooo Guyzzzzz Unfortunately, i am here to say i will no longer continue this series of pictures, for i can no longer use my fursona in nsfw pics But but butt! since i've already sketched up two more pages and it's something i was enjoying to do, i thought maybe i'd turn that into a YCH auction!!…

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Wolf Character Auction Open!

I'm selling this buddy riiiight here: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/704475/wolf-character-auction-open Please enter if you are intersted ^^

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So, i was thinking that i've never really stopped to talk to people in the fandom, basically just my friends that live in my country... so i guess i need to socialize more, but i'm awuful at that, so if anyone is interested maybe send me a PM? we can chat like normal furries do or roleplay, anythin…