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Life is short, Don't be a dick. <3
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Not accounts or sites, but physical location! My partner and I are moving into our first home together (having been apartment dwellers for all the time) it is exciting, but crazy too. The extra lack of my arts and comments is due to that, mostly. But hopefully by the end of the month, we'll be comp…

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Well, no real goals...

for the night that is. So, random Pokedoodles. it is. The Sketchbook I'm filling, is getting there, and I'm having a good time with it. Here's hoping I can get it done before the new year and try to find a new home for it. Hope you guys are all doing well! Any if anyone has an interest in watching…

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LoL, Generic banner is Generic!! I'll put a better one together later. Anyone have suggestions as to what they like seeing the most, in a "banner"?

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Come watch me flail around a bunch guys, it'll be funny. https://picarto.tv/live/channel.php.....tch=WydleWorks

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Extra not existing due to uterine medical issues + work. Should resolve shortly after I'm done doing a bit of home surgery with this rusty melon baller, I found.

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Welcome to 2015!

It happened! Another year has rolled over for us to enjoy! I hope your night was wonderful, or cuddly, or loud, or awesome, or whatever you might have needed and wanted it to be! I have hopes for this next year, and with any luck, maybe some actual posting of scanned, finished art type things. Who…

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is anyone out there?

Kind of a role call? Responding may be rewarded. Who knows. Also, I need to update a bunch of my characters. Refs, info, etc. anyone want to vote on which I do first? Taloos- skull dog Sienna- mutt/werewolf Scully- ethereal rabbit Mara- nightmare Wylde- eh, you know Olive- skunk Grommet- cat Animal…

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uploaded some oldies. it's weird doing that...the descriptions that once went with the pics, don't even remotely say what I'm thinking any more.

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Old Art?

I have a few choice pics I have always enjoyed. Should I port them over here? Would anyone care/want to see it. Or would you just be interested in new stuff?