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another life update

santa claus

fox lion male men friends fisting

one more for the road

more fretless bass

you're a beast if there was ever any

I am a patient buoy; I wade, I wade, I wade, I wade

rad ass red butt

puke it till you lose it

I threw dead Jim shade

attack my butt rn

dimming the lights a little

its that time of year


my discogs wantlist is 300+ items

whatever happened to GOOD music, like Mystikal, y'know, real music?

will I still be twee-core when I'm fifty?

waste a bouncer

Pitchfork either reps hard noise or wimpy schmaltz, pick one not both

pick your own pig

sorry I'm such a downer all the time

good ol fashioned minimalism

another tender chillwave ballad from your friend and mine, the stick man

tell em I wanted citrus

things happen

happy love day everyone

I'm old news

tony the triger is girrrret

bad eyesight vocabulary

ask a bakery errand boy anything

thank you based Vanny

not back, just bad

nothing cums easy

it's just me, sitting at your computer looking at a screenshot of Massive and saying over and over..

the Total Recall fat boyfriend/future Beatport story you've been waiting for

RedBastard's ideal bara-kemono is a dumpy creepface living in his kitchen.

every song is "Heat of the Moment" by Asia unless proven otherwise

sweary rapping hoard

I want to arpeggio my chords like a plain-as-balls sing/song master

cheer up gloompot

not dick club material


a more efficient human that is based on piss rather than water

ohhhhhh woahhhhh woah woahhhhhhh

I wish I had a cute disorder

mechanical engineer and total saucepot

Who's a pine sol whore?!

die you fire

I just wanna pay a dollar to use a robot's hand to shake hands with a prize

How can I avoid being boring?

I remember there was a band called Bubblemath

Take your aunt bowling

thanks for the watch and fave

even superheroes need a piss break

Rorschach test

too much money and too little sense

unpopular tumblr opinings (warning: unpopular)

I know you, you're that 'eat it' guy

NPR-style cool jazz w/ laptops

why won't all my Canadian friends have sex with me?

ow my left hand

I was normcore since I was born

last.fm tags: contrapuntal, dissonant, minimalist, synth, folk, experimental brass

after around the late 1800s, it all becomes scenery music for storm-wrecked ships

pale/thin, uncool nonrockers with too much introspection on their hands

I tried sitting down

gonna sit down

dude I told you a million times I'm bi

remember that Slint started out hardcore, and then forget hardcore

Kemo is a pretty cool guy :^)

if everything is sacred then that includes sacrilege

a true cult is in you

the corn prices raccoon is dead from the rabs

no boyfriend pity party

you are gonna break fat boys' hearts with your sickly sweet comics

you will work in the mines for us or this red god will kill you

wailing nonsense from a green book

What is the deal with all these dumb songs they are just some guitars and drums playing some melodie

there is a time for everything, there is even a time when time itself will meat

acerbic wit only means that you are professionally rude

chiptune without any signifiers of nostalgia or cleverness

Action Bronson or it didn't happen

is this the face of a man who the author's pudgebore self-insert can fall in love with?

I have no self-awareness at all

I wasted good silverware on you

you wanna skateboard you effer

you post pictures of dudes fucking horses (real beastiality) with the caption “my fantasy”

I wish you could all be my gay nipple friend

exodus and exile a radiophonic opera by a man

you deserve your own illuminated manuscript

So I'm 28 today

Happy rude year and name change

where'd y'all go? it's like a desert at midnight here

badger f raccoon

In strong disagreement with SomethingAwful-rejected 40 year old mom's basement-dwelling fat bearded

a way to a man's heart is through putting Yeezus at the top of every top 10 list

a reminder

If I could I would upload some of my "Red House Painters but w/ synths" songs I made some time ago

this is important

this is a love song about the heart and this spot that I have

dumb crowd of shut ups

Another tumble boffed

if it were up to your mum then every dumb utterance would be band name #1

maybe my awful poetry is secretly good

now that vaporwave is dead then the furrs are nuts for it

b my lv

tdw no hb

mumbley dad-core

hope your butt's ready



I'll only go down to Texas if

Licking bears holes is a religious choice for me

When the Apple Blossoms Bloom in the Windmills of Your Mind I'll Be You

I keep forgetting my password

contact mic the floor

This is Jordan we do what we like