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Tango, the Wild Dream / 44 / Male / Greater Denver Metro

Within every dreamer's soul lies a rebel's heart.
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What To Do When It All Goes Wrong

Original Tumblr Post I was inspired to write this by some problems an acquaintance of mine is facing, not anything I am experiencing personally. Imagine you are in a long term relationship where things are generally happy and right, but over time a problem is revealed. A major problem. Worse, that…

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Anthrocon 2015 Schedule Does not include the hour drive from home to Denver International Airport, or the reverse. Wheee!

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My beloved Iberian Wolf has accepted a job offer and should start in about a month. For only the second time in my life, I'm not going to be living on the east coast of the US.

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Tentative Anthrocon Schedule

Friday 1p-2p - Kaffeeklatsch - 310/311 (Due to a staff commitment, I won't be around long.) Friday 2p-4p, Westmoreland - Fursuit Games [Staff] Saturday 1p-3:30p, Hall A - Fursuit Parade (Photo before parade @ 2pm) [Staff] Saturday 8p-???, Fayette or Somerset - Lupus in Tabula [Panelist] Sunday 2p-4…