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Haley / NH and Montreal

Commissions: Closed
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digital portrait commissions $50

Taking portrait commissions in the style of https://www.weasyl.com/submission/654895/me but more finished probably for $50. -This is not first come first serve- I will only take commissions of characters that I feel I can do well. Comment on this or send me a message and we will discuss details.

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are you queer? do you want your portrait painting?

I am doing portraits of queer people that send me photos and a bio over the internet for a show in September. If you want to submit PLEASE do. I wanna paint your beautiful face. go here for more info: http://tylerdgraffam.com/post/87050352535/are-you-queer-do-you-want-your-portrait-painted

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livestreaming yo http://livestream.com/rampack