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I'm on Patreon (check out my rewards!)

Hey guys! I've made a patreon and been chipping away at posting things up there and figuring out how to use the site. I really wanted to make a fair amount of posts before I posted a journal about it, because I want people to be able to access and receive something neat the moment they subscribe. T…

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Character Purge (trading/selling)

Hey guys! I'm selling/trading a bunch of characters, I need these gone. That doesn't mean it will be easy to part with them, but I do intend to trade/sell them because I have no use for them anymore. Includes "closed species" such as grem2, fumis, drameleons, etc. Please see info /comment on the dA…

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I Made an Art Instagram

After much thought, I decided to create an art instagram. I will try to be active on it, and use it as incentive and motivation to be more artistically productive. I know many people who have reaped the benefits of having an art presence on instagram, both in viewership as well as daily-drawing dis…

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Should I upload 8 grem2 drawings?

I did 8 drawings like a week or so ago of various people's grems (and mine) and was wondering if people would want to see that art posted here? If yes I can just go ahead and post them here, too. If not Ill just keep it on dA! Its a little bit of a hassle to do art bombs so I wanted to make sure pe…

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(Please Read) Winter Break Comm Inquiry

Between Dec 18 and Jan 23 I will be on winter break, and I want to know who will definitively commission me if I open up for commissions. I'm up to hearing about anyone who is considering, too, but if there is enough interest I will sort out paypal and whatnot to start working again. I have over a…

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Free Art Raffle!

I have a raffle going on in honor of celebrating 3,000 dA watchers! Please read the dA journal for details, this is where you can find all information: http://fav.me/dairp34 Granted, you DON'T need a deviantArt to enter! As long as you are following me somewhere, whether its dA, twitter, youtube, F…

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Would you support me on Patreon? Reward tier ideas?

I have been mulling over creating a patreon for along time now, and given that I will be interested in purchasing an adobe create cloud to have authentic adobe programs on my macbook pro for college if my school doesn't offer me the programs for free, I'd basically need a patreon to account for the…

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Trying to Return to Weasyl

I have had a real hard time managing all the art sites I am on; I lose track and forget to update some, and then eventually end up falling way way behind with uploads and having to mass upload stuff onto here. I guess one of the reasons I fell behind on uploading onto here was because I had a much…

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kind of a vent, feel free to ignore this. Its a lot of word-shitting from being sad, so half of this is rambling that makes no sense. I spent a very nice night with my boyfriend last night. I mean it, it was wonderful and I'm glad I got to spend time with him before he leaves for college, even thou…

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Hello! ;v; (Get to know watchers! ;O; )

I am not super active on here (or at least not as much as other places), and consequently, I don't have many watchers here, or interaction with my watchers for that matter. So I wanted to get to know you guys! ;v; Say hi and stuff and maybe I will post weekly journals to chat with you all ;o; So fo…

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Looking for Dragon designs!

I really want/need more dragons in my character hoard, but I have had a hard time finding any active adopts of dragons that adhere to my tastes and desires in designs. Anyone have any good winged dragon characters they could part with? I could offer art, maybe some existing characters, points, and/…

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Entertaining offers on my characters

Since I would rather not retype everything, I'll simply link you to my deviantArt journal: http://fav.me/d8l42ba I am interested in seeing offers, may or may not accept any. My main interests of what I would be looking for are linked/listed on the journal. Also have some Gekren up for sale (or pote…

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I will be more active on weasyl.

Alright guys! Since FurAffinity basically shit the bed in terms of how much I respect it, I ripped all of my art off of that gross, shady site, and will be more active on here! I am THE MOST active on my deviantArt, and then I'm also fairly active on SoFurry, but not so much! ;O; I will try to get…

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Coming Back to Weasyl

People are moving onto here, and I am noticing that, yeah, Weasyl DOES have some perks... I was previously super turned off to weasyl after I tried to submit like 200 pieces of work but wasn't aware ou had to "confirm" a submission, so all the submissions sorta.. never made it.. So, yeah! I'm going…

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CONTEST! Fast approaching Deadline

Alrighty guys, Foxy here is holding a coloring contest! Nothing big, I was originally going to make a St. Patrick's Day piece really awesome, but I just didn't have the time to do so. ; w ; SO LINEART FOR COLORING CONTEST, Woot! I do have some rules though. Rules: -Do not claim the lineart as your…