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Vote for My Can Design!

Hello everyone! I've entered the Mike's Hard Lemonade can design contest and I need your help to win! All you need to do is vote for my can designs! If I win, you will see my design on cans of Mike's Hard Lemonade Dragonfruit in stores next spring! Please tell this to everyone you know! Thanks! In…

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Attention Watchers! Twisted Merchandise and Art prints for Sale!

Yes! You heard right! From Society 6, you can now buy Twisted merchandise such as Tshirts, tote bags, cell phone covers, pillows, clocks, etc! And... Prints! From standard to stretch canvas! This also includes other artwork by me as well! http://society6.com/MirandaLeek So spread this around! The p…

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Hello there!

Hello all! My name is Miranda (railrunnermiranda) and after recently hearing of this site I decided to join. For the next week or so I will be uploading various work from personal illustrations to sketches and illustrations from my novel "Twisted". Again, nice to meet you all! Miranda