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Raikita Arcishu / Female / Canada

I love birds \^v^/
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Is Weasyl dead?

Or is it just me? I was really inactive in art in general because of school, so I was expecting to see a whole bunch of art and/or journals in my notifications now that I am free but I see less than 3 of each. O: Or maybe I am just watching suddenly inactive users.

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I'm not dead

I'm just in university. I think that explains everything ;_____________________;

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Tags on adult stuff etc

I don't know how to title the title xp I'm just wondering if I'm missing it and if there is a way to block out all adult stuff, including collections? I thought I did but I guess it isn't strong enough? I'm kinda sick of seeing penis/vagina thumbnails in my submission thing, I dislike. ^o^/