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Mozzero O'Coon / 33 / Male / Greater Chicago Area, USA

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i'm sorry... i've been neglecting Weasyl for the past half year... gonna start uploading here (and other places other than FA and DA) more often, as i may have a different audience here than in other locations :33 looking forward to the new year with more content~!! :DD

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Some News

whelp, it's official... i'll be moving to days soon as a cashier... soon, i'll no longer be on the graveyard shift (not that i have anything against 3rd shift or anything), it's just not for me. personally, i believe i should be sleeping or creating musics/arts at night (til a reasonable time of co…

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First Journal of 2014

greetings, salutations and welcome to my first official journal of 2014~!! as some of you know, i've been busily scripting and doodling out my big comic project, "The Aessögur Fantasy Epic," as well as getting in some minor practice here and there with MangaStudio/ComicStudio toning~ (you can find…

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So This is Weasyl, eh??

Ooo~ 8D This place looks like DA and FA had a kid together, but neither claims to be the parent (dunno why, this places looks pretty awesome!) Anywho, just to clarify before any assumptions are made, I am not apart of the "Exodus" from FurAffinity. I will continue to be active there as Raccooncube…