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Quills / 28 / Male / Bay Area, CA

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Biyearly Journal Entry

Just wanted to get the old journal off the page. But in terms of updates, I've just been going through my last year of college and been enjoying the new games Nintendo has been releasing. Oh and I played Okami too. Funny how I pretty much make journals like twice a year now; I'm so bad at keeping t…

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Updates and such

Finally another journal! Wanted to push the old journal off this page anyway... I only one more year left of college! Doing pretty well and definitely got a few opportunities coming :D I have to attend like three graduations next year since I'm double majoring, lol. Also I recently got a Wii U so y…

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Helloooo 2014 + FC

Hey everyone! This is a nice time for an update after... a really long time... bahahah. I've just been to FC and I had such an awesome time with both new and old folks! I have a ton of gift sketches in my sketchbook as well as sketch trades from other artists, and I'll look into posting those on my…

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Helloooo Weasyl

Sooo yeah I got an invite from a friend (thanks Ke!) and now I'm on Weasyl. :O Looks pretty promising and very artist friendly. I have some high hopes for it! I need to follow more artists on here lol