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Advertising my Patreon for FH due to low pledges! Please read if you could.

https://www.patreon.com/furthiahigh Haven't made a journal here in a really long time apparently, but uh, I'd like to get as far reaching an audience as possible for this. Well, due to two high-paying Patrons being Declined for two different reasons (one just vanished and hasn't responded to any co…

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Voting for Ursa Major Awards 2014 Open

So, turns out FH actually got nominated again this year, which I honestly didn't really expect since it didn't get nominated last year. But hey, whatever, that's pretty cool that it rebounded, thanks to everyone who got it on the nominee list this year! Unfortunately neither of Immy's comics got no…

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Ursa Major Awards 2014

Yeah, that time of year again, although some differences this year in my attitude this year I guess. Firstly, huh, for the first time I think ever, Furthia High (and Ballerina Mafia) is actually on the Ursa Recommended Anthropomorphics List. That's the thing before the usual Awards where people ema…

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Emergency Commissions Opening Right Now, Please Read!

Hello, so, I'm opening up for emergency commissions. Today I kinda found out I'm down about $800 I THOUGHT I had, but it turns out, because my mom was in the hospital and recovering at home for a week and a half at the end of December/beginning of this month, she didn't get nearly as big a paycheck…

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Christmas Ornaments and Other Stuff at Me and Immy's Store!

http://www.concessioncomic.com/store/xmas.php Reminder that and I have had some Christmas products up for sale on our Store! These include Christmas ornaments, one of which is FH-related, which are nice and hand-made by Immy with glitter and a ribbon. There's also some to/from gift tags that I made…

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Furthia High Patreon Now Live! Please Consider Helping Out!

http://www.patreon.com/furthiahigh Forgot to make a journal about it, but yeah, there's now a Patreon for Furthia High! So as you may know, I've been really teetering on the side of "poor" and "broke" for a while now, which has caused some things, including the comic, to suffer at its expense. With…

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Donation Update 6, Almost Broke Yaaay

Well, I didn’t think I’d need to continue this, but I guess I do. Okay, so, since January… Well, my mom’s car has been fixed for a while and has been running relatively okay for the past few months. She’s been using it fine. However… since then, around my birthday, my own car’s starter has become i…

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Donation Update 5 (pretty important, help out maybe?)

Alright, well, this isn't really something I wanted to do but it's an actual request from my mom, so... I guess I'll openly ask for donation help again instead of what I said last time where I wouldn't really actively ask anymore. So the guy fixing my mom's transmission finally got around to it a m…

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Donation Drive Thinger 4 or whatever

I guess since it's been like 2 and a half months I guess I should give another update on the whole donation thing and my financial situation and all that. I'll be brief instead of assailing you all with big paragraphs, and I'll start off by saying once again, THANK YOU for everybody who's donated a…

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Emergency Donation Drive Update 3 Pretty Important to Read

Alright, update about a month after the last. Since the last update, only one person's donated, but it was a $100 donation so of course I'm very grateful to them, thank you for putting in as late as this, it really helped. And again, to the other 10 people who donated before, thank you once more. I…

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Emergency Donation Drive Update 2

Alright, let's have an update after 2 weeks since the last one. Since then, another 5 people have helped raise an additional ~$400, which is really amazing and has helped an incredible amount, and I am eternally grateful for you guys, seriously. It's helped me to stay out of the danger zone these p…

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Emergency Donation Drive Update 1 READ PLEASE :c

Alright, after a week or so, 5 very generous people have donated to reach 11% of the goal I created, and I am extremely grateful to them. Thank you so much for your donations, I very, very much appreciate them and you've helped alleviate stress at least a little bit. However, several things have ha…

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Commissions Still Open, Emergency Donation Drive PLEASE READ

Alright, so, first off, I want to remind everyone that I am still open for commissions! Information such as how to get one and how much they cost can be found here: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/214873 I'd really appreciate if you'd pick one up if you've been wanting one. The waiting list has b…

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Hello Weasyl

Hi, I guess I got an invite and now I'm going to use you as another mirror site I suppose! Hurray! I've only uploaded the art I've made during 2012 (as well as my own reference sheets from 2011) and don't plan on uploading anything older, so if you want any earlier work or commissions/gifts I've go…