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quesozombie / 29 // italy

Commissions: Filled
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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PRICES: BW sketch fullbody: 15$ USD (per character) [sample] simple color fullbody: 25$ USD (per character) [sample] simple shading: additional 5$ USD BW painting bust: 25$ USD (per character) [sample] BW painting waist-up: 40$ USD (per character) [sample] colored painting bust: 40$ USD (only singl…

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...since im new on the site [meme]

i...stole one of those meme things What's your real name? ester How tall are you? 165-170cm What's your hair color? currently its black/blue What's your eye color? dark brown/black What's your sexual orientation? dunno Are you single, taken or undecided? taken by tifany (help) What do you do in you…