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QueenKobra / 27 / Female / Texas

I'm happy being me.
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ant to become a Sky Dragon?? Now's your chance!! What Are Sky Dragons??.. Sky Dragons are a dragon species made by SwampSpectre_ and myself. What Makes Sky Dragons Unique? We're wingless dragons, unable to fly, but we can levitate! We're full of colour, and unique of design!! I Have So Many More Qu…

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Check this out!!

I really need the money.. 10 Slot Ref Sheets!! 10$ per character!! More info here >> Selling Characters!! Cheap!! >> 2$ Sketch Requests!! Traditional!! >> If you wa…

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10 Slot Ref Sheet

They're 10$ per character. 1 slot per person, but multiple characters can be added to one slot. Minimum of 3. Comment or note if interested. I'm also selling characters >>

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Selling Characters

I'm in need of 25$, so I will most likely be only accepting money offers on these characters. Please help me.

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Help An Artist

Recently, I lost my job, more like my job lost me. They mistreated their employees, and so I left. Now I'm hosting a Paypal Money Pool and would be very delighted if some of you would support! For every 20+ supporters I get,…

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~Raffle Results~

The winner of the raffle was #33 StopYiffingMyButt on FA. Comment if you want another raffle but ONLY WEASYL!

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~Raffle Reminder~

Raffle Reminder! Raffle ends TOMORROW. PARTICIPATE NOW!! :D

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Raffle Time~

I'm holding another raffle, this time we're giving away a FREE Leopard girl! LINK TO RAFFLE: Ends:…

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Thank you for everyone that participated! The winner of this raffle was..#5 Carmen12Sans on DA.