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Pure Dragon / 23 / Female / Great State of Texas :p

My pen hand is connected to my lungs.
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Commissions Open!

I need $500 ASAP so I'm opening commissions to try and earn some of that! Commissions will be the quality level of my recently posted pic of Varien (https://www.weasyl.com/submission/661355/varien-headshot) and are $25. I can also do full body for $35. Background is optional, if you would like tran…

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All right guys! Planning on being more active. No guarantees. But if I do become more active, there's a good chance I'll be resorting my folders into dates rather than types, and I may also be putting everything I have so far into one big folder just names "Before May '14" because honestly I don't…

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Ugh, very sorry for inactivity lately. Been busy and, more recently, busy, stressed and tired. Truly sorry if I'm late on commissions or whatnot. Gonna go take a nap. Hopefully things will clear up by the end of the nine weeks/half semester. -Kat

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Commission Bundle [Buy $20, get a full-body free!]

So, my tablet is sorta behaving, I guess it's fixing itself? So I didn't need $75 for a new tablet. But then I spent $40 at a prerelease at my local gamestore and another $35 on Super Smash Bros Brawl and a Classic Controller Pro. Hence, I'm broke, buuuut I really badly need a haircut. My mom can d…

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Introduction and Commissions

Hi there! I'm Pure Dragon and I'm not going to repeat everything I've already typed in my user profile section. xD Sorry for those of you who are lazy like me. Also, I sorta broke my tablet yesterday. It still works, pen pressure and all, but I have to hold it at a weird, uncomfortable angle and it…